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Berge Ayvazian

Advisor, Senior Consultant, Heavy Reading

Berge Ayvazian joined Heavy Reading as a Senior Consultant, following more than 20 years as a senior telecom industry analyst and strategy consultant with Yankee Group. Ayvazian is conducting research and consulting projects on the convergence of broadband and mobility and the business strategies of mobile broadband technology and service providers. He is now leading a new integrated research and consulting practice on 4G Networks and Mobile Internet Evolution. This practice helps operators to develop their 4G technology roadmaps – building on existing Heavy Reading research in packet core, service platforms, and mobile backhaul – and build a complete mobile Internet business case leveraging Pyramid’s regional demand-side research on 4G and mobile Internet service adoption. Ayvazian served as Yankee Group’s CEO from 1999 through 2001, and later served as strategy director for the Reuters Research and Advisory Unit. Ayvazian is a frequent speaker at telecom industry events and was contributing editor of 4G Trends and co-chairman of the 4G World, WiMAX World, and Mobile Internet World conference programs.