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Grotech has managed over $1 billion of capital and funded more than 100 companies since its inception in 1984.

These investments include the first ISP (Digex), the first ASP (USinternetworking), the new standard for digital radio (iBiquity) and many other successful information technology and communications investments, including Advertising.com (sold to AOL) and BroadSoft (a leading VoIP software provider) to name a few.

In addition to successful investment experiences our partners’ operating backgrounds serve as a key ingredient to our investment approach and have remained at the core of the firm’s strategy since its inception. Grotech’s partners have significant, executive operating experience and serve as trusted, advisory resources for our portfolio executives. Oftentimes, we have previously experienced the same operating and strategic issues facing a particular portfolio company. At the same time, we understand that our role is to help support, not manage, our portfolio companies.

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