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At Grotech Ventures, we are a team committed to helping creative and driven entrepreneurs build technology companies that last.

As one of the longest-established firms in the venture industry, Grotech Ventures has built a reputation for being a collaborative, long-term partner for CEOs and entrepreneurs by aligning our definition of success with that of our partners.

Our strategy is simple: early investors in high-potential technology companies. Grotech Ventures initially invests from $500,000 to $5 million and looks to continue investing and building value throughout the growth of your enterprise. We have the operational knowledge, personal networks, and industry expertise necessary to support our portfolio companies at each stage of the partnership.

We know what it takes and we work hard to help make big things happen. Whether you need help building your team, introductions to new business development opportunities, or unvarnished advice on strategic issues, the Grotech team is here for you. We invest to win: expect the collective power and network of all our partners behind you and your vision.

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